The way MLS teams’ kits changed for 10 years

FC Dallas kits
There is obviously a big difference between 2007 and 2017. You’re not so young (I’m sorry, but someone should have told you that), MLS is a really strong league now, and the league’s teams have a different kit design. Let’s look at the difference in kits closer.


Chicago Fire

Let’s say their 2007 kit is what that year looked like, already over 2006, yet under 2008!


Colorado Rapids

The 2007 secondary kit looks stylish, as well as the 2017 secondary kit does.


DC United

In both 2007 and 2017 designers were determined to approach kit manufacturing in a creative way. Did they succeed? They could at least have produced anything smarter than that.


FC Dallas

The 2017 secondary kit is much better, compared to its counterpart from the 2007 season.


Houston Dynamo

The 2017 kit looks definitely more stylish, the 2007 kit, however, looked decent enough in its day.


LA Galaxy

Back in 2007, the LA Galaxy kit was obviously the best one in the league. The standards are being strengthened now, so the new secondary kit doesn’t look that special against its competitors.


New England Revolution

The 2007 secondary kit looked pretty well for its time, whereas the 2017 kit is among the worst designs ever. It looks like a clown suit.


New York Red Bulls

Time seems to have frozen in 2007 for designers of the New York Red Bulls kit.


Real Salt Lake

Nothing outstanding. Dull then, dull now.


Sporting Kansas City

In the 2007 MLS season there was no Sporting Kansas City. The team was called Kansas City Wizards. The kit looked too simple for 2007, but that’s exactly why it can seem pretty decent for 2017.


The list represents the clubs that had officially provided their new 2017 kits at the time of this posting. As well as the clubs that have been on the 2007 MLS season.


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