5 things you can buy instead of new stadium in San Diego

Leo Messi Emma Watson San Diego MLS
Recently the group behind San Diego’s MLS expansion bid unveiled the details of the stadium. So it will cost $200 million. Economists say that everything is relative. So we have figured out how high or low the number is, compared to things that you can buy for this amount of money.


Condo complex in Manhattan

As Ken Griffin did in 2015. If you like the marketing of New York City FC, this is a good option.


A movie

For $200 million, you can shoot a movie about your preparations to build a stadium in San Diego, interrupted with a sudden shift of our civilization to living in six dimensions, which caused everything to lose its meaning. Existential sci-fi with Dwayne Johnson and Emma Watson as main characters. $1 billion box office is guaranteed.


Leo Messi

Maybe not now, but let’s wait a couple of years. You will be able to play soccer with him every day (just do not forget to pay him his salary).



Too obvious, we know. Still awesome option. Feel yourself the Press Secretary of Vladimir Putin.


Your own island wherever you want

Build your own island like this company did. Your own island with soccer league, Video Assistant Referees and David Villa.


Images: MLS, Giphy