3 ways to make MLS more adorable

Adorable MLS
There are always some ways to improve soccer and attract new fans to it. There are fans other than die-hard fans and those just willing to watch soccer. They are folks that don’t care about soccer. But they too can be lured to MLS games. Say, by making use of different adorable things.


Pretty weird, yet real cute socks

Each player has got to have unique soccer socks.
Who could be attracted by that? Ingenious socks lovers and foot fetishists.
How can one make money on this? To sell the seats closer to the field dearly, to develop an application focusing on players’ legs only during the game.


Adorable, but giant tattoos

For the Chief Tattoo Officer of the Philadelphia Union not to be sitting idle, he’s/she’s got to have some experimenting with adorable, but giant tattoos. The more brutal the player, the bigger and more adorable the tattoos.
Who is it going to attract? Extraordinary tattoo lovers.
What is the way to make money on this? There are a lot of tattoo TV shows. I’m sure they will be curious about something new.



Making hats a must-have for soccer players’ uniforms.
Who is it going to attract? Literally everyone. Who does not like hats? Are you folks weird? It’s the secret love of any proper human being.
How can one make money on this? To transform the stadium upon the end of the game into a large market selling hats and hat accessories. Like coats, T-shirts and clothes lockers.


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Image: Toronto FC