10 weird things from Europe that you’ll never see in MLS

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Our world is full of strange things. Especially in soccer. So here are 10 of that strange things from Europe that you’ll never see in MLS.


The former league’s player in pants on TV

At least until Gary Lineker is employed as an adviser for MLS.


Empty new soccer-specific stadiums

For example, for the recent Ukrainian Premier League game Olimpik vs. Stal no more than 25 tickets were sold. The game was hosted by Arena Lviv that had been one of the Euro-2012 stadiums.


Sleeping fans

So uncool! Better stay at home like those Ukrainians.


Such a spectacular demand for the resignation of

Sometimes all you need to achieve fame is a ticket to the game, a piece of cardboard and a pen.


Nazi players who don’t even hide it

And then you are still invited to be manager of the English Premier League clubs.


These kit sponsors

Nice try, Vladimir Putin. I’d better drink some coffee.


Half-and-half shirts

Please don’t do it.



We mean those fans from Eastern Europe and Italy.


These mascots

Is it actually legal to make such mascots?


Arsene Wenger

I’m sure that if you are not Jose Mourinho or an Arsenal fan, you do respect Arsene Wenger. But it’s so weird to be Arsenal’s manager as long as MLS exists!


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Images: Reuters, Stu Forster, Giphy